What does it mean to merge products?

Merging products is one way you can link your listings in SynCommerce so they will be automatically synchronized. 

In a situation where you have same listings already published on your two or more stores before signing up on SynCommerce, connecting those stores  to SynCommerce will bring those listings into SynCommerce as separate products. To make it possible for the system to automatically synchronize them, those products which are now duplicates will need to be merged into a single product base in SynCommerce.

Can I merge any two or more products?

Merging only works for products that have the same options. For instance, merging Product A and Product B where both have options color and size will be successful. But where Product A has just the option color and Product B has just the option size will cause the merging to fail. 

Can I merge multiple products and still keep their prices different?

Yes, you can. The system uses the synchronization preferences you have set for your store to decide whether to keep meta data such as title, prices, quantity, and description separate for your listings or not even after merging them.

For instance, if your sync preference is turned off for your eBay store, then even if a product from eBay is merged with the same product from Shopify but their descriptions are different, the eBay description will continue to remain different from the Shopify listing even after merging. 

How do I merge products?

Do you want to know more and understand everything about how to merge products. kindly follow this tutorial to learn how.

Contact support at customer-success@syncommerceapp.com if you need any further help.