What avenues of support are available on SynCommerce?

We value customer success so much and have put in place the following means by which our customers can get in touch with us.
  1. Email: Send a mail to customer-success@syncommerceapp.com and get immediate assistance from the Customer Support Unit. We are always happy to serve. You can also use the contact form found on our website or your SynCommerce account

  2. Live Chat: Use the widget on the website to get an instant response to all your needs via live chat. We are listening on our website widget for any feedback or concerns our valuable clients might have to provide prompt assistance. Feel free and get in touch with us anytime.

  3. Skype: If you feel the need to talk to any of our Customer Service or Engineering team over Skype, just let us know and depending on your need we can arrange for a chat over Skype.

  4. Phone call: Or just call +1 (650) 488 - 8121 and get immediate assistance.