[Video] Getting Started on SynCommerce

Here's a quick video guide on everything you will need to get started on SynCommerce.

Getting started on SynCommerce involves five (5) main steps.

1) Connecting your stores.

This step involves connecting your sales channels or stores to SynCommerce. This grants SynCommerce access to your store and to your products, listings, orders, customers, and other details. This is the very first step to setting up your SynCommerce account. Find all the tutorials you will need to connect your stores to SynCommerce here

2) Setting synchronization preferences

This is a very important piece of the SynCommerce puzzle. The synchronization preferences feature gives you total control over how you want SynCommerce to handle synchronization on the various stores you connect. For instance, you can tell SynCommerce to keep product titles different between store A and store B even whilst syncing the quantity of products listed on those two stores. You can also tell SynCommerce to automatically end or hide your listings when out of stock. Ensure you take a look at sync preferences at the beginning of your SynCommerce setup. 

3) Listing products from SynCommerce to connected stores

Once your stores have been connected to SynCommerce, and products have been imported, you may want to send products imported from store A to store B. In other cases, you may just want to create a new product on SynCommerce and publish it to the stores you have connected, and this can easily be achieved with SynCommerce and in bulk. Take a look at the tutorials here to list your products from SynCommerce to the stores you connect.

4) Merging duplicate products. 

This is a very important functionality. It usually applies when you already had same or similar products listed on your stores before connecting them to SynCommerce. If the product titles are the same, the system is able to detect the products from the different stores as same or duplicate and alert you. You can then merge the duplicate products and have their listings linked to a single base product in SynCommerce. For instance, if product A is listed on store A, and the same product A is listed on store B, instead of having two product A's in SynCommerce, you can merge them into one product A but with two listings on the two different stores you have connected. Take a deeper look at the merging functionality here and how to merge products here

4) Understanding the automated synchronization.

This is the automation that SynCommerce offers you, that allows you to manage your inventory with ease. Once your listings are linked in SynCommerce, a sale on one store will automatically have the inventory of that product updated on the other stores. You can also manually make a change to your listing on any of your stores or SynCommerce and that change will be automatically synchronized across all the stores connected. 

If you are able to go through all these four steps, you will be able to have your SynCommerce account well set up at the basic to enjoy the core benefits that the service products. 

Contact support at customer-success@syncommerceapp.com for any further assistance.