Setting synchronization preferences for your SynCommerce account

SynCommerce allows you to have complete control on how the system handles synchronization between the stores that you have connected. With this functionality, you can for instance, set up your account such that a product that is listed on store A and B will have different titles.

To set your synchronization preferences;

STEP 1: Go to the settings page


STEP 2: On the settings page, switch to the preferences tab.

From the preferences page, turn on or off the various sync options as you desire for the store in question.

The following are the various synchronization preferences we have:

1) The Master Switch

This is the master synchronization switch for the store in question. Turning this on tells the system to synchronize data on listings from this store to other connected stores or vice versa. Turning it off means you want it to do otherwise. 

2) The Title Synchronization

This option allows merchants to indicate whether to have different titles for their listings on different stores. When turned off for a particular store, changes to the title of listings on that store will not synchronize with the listings on the other connected stores for the same product. The same way, changes to the listings on the other stores, will not synchronize with those on this store in question.

3) The Description Synchronization

With this option, you can have different descriptions for a particular product on different stores whilst synchronization will still be provided for the other metadata turned on. 

4) The Quantity Synchronization

Unlike the other synchronization options such as title, description, and price where you have to turn it off before you can have them separate on different stores, the system by default allows having different quantities for a listing on different stores. Thus, by default you can change the quantity of a listing on a particular store or in SynCommerce and it will remain different from the product quantity and the quantity of the listings on the other stores. What this option does if turned off, is to prevent the automated synchronization SynCommerce provides when an order is placed on one store.

Thus, if this option is turned off, and a product which is listed on store A and store B, gets an order on store B, the system won't automatically update the quantity of the listing on store A. 

5) The Price Synchronization

This option also gives you the power to indicate whether you want the prices for your listings to remain the same on different stores or not. 

6) The Collection Synchronization

If you want to have the collection for a particular listing on store A to be different from store B, then you have to turn the collection synchronization option off for store A or B. Once both are on, it means the collection/section that exists for the listing on store A will always be synchronized to store B.

7) Auto-end listings

This is a very important option. When turned on, the system automatically hides, ends, or deactivates your listings on Shopify, eBay, and Etsy respectively once the quantity hits 0. Turn it off to prevent this behavior so that your listing will continue to be published even when out of stock.