Merging two or more products in SynCommerce

Merging products is one way you can link your listings in SynCommerce so they will be automatically synchronized. 

In a situation where you have same listings already published on your two or more stores before signing up on SynCommerce, connecting those stores  to SynCommerce will bring those listings into SynCommerce as separate products. To make it possible for the system to automatically synchronize them, those products which are now duplicates will need to be merged into a single product base in SynCommerce.

To merge two or more products, two approaches can be used. 

1) SynCommerce automatically detects the duplicate products you may have from your connected stores when they are imported into SynCommerce and notifies you. Duplicate products are determined by the product titles. 

Click "YES" to continue. You will be taken to the next page which explains what the merging is all about, and gives you the option to update your synchronizatoin preferences if you want to.

The system uses the synchronization preferences you have set for your stores to decide whether to keep meta data such as title, prices, quantity, and description separate for your listings or not even after merging them.

Click "Merge Duplicates" if you are okay with the preferences, and want to continue. This will take you to a page which will show you your duplicates side by side so you can compare. You can navigate through the duplicates to compare them. 

From this point, you have the option to either merge all your duplicates at a go, or merge them one by one.

To merge all, click the "Merge all Duplicates button at the right top".

This will give you a modal that will ask you to choose which channel to use as your base product. The base product is going to be the primary source of data for your bulk merging.  

After choosing the channel to you want your base products to be from, indicate whether you want all the images from the different products to be added up in the merged product, or to retain just the images of the base product. 

Click "Merge" to to merge all your products.

Merging individual products

To merge duplicates one by one, simply select the base product. 

After setting the base product, Click the "Merge" icon at the right top or right bottom of the page. 

This will display a modal which whill ask you whether you want to join all the iamges of the duplicate products, or you want to keep just those of the base product. 

Click "Merge" after that to merge the duplicates.

2) The second approach is by manually selecting any two or more of your products to merge. 

Click the "Bulk action" button at the top and select "Merge selected products".

On the next page, set your base product, then click the "Merge" button at the right top or right bottom of the page.

Indicate whether you want images from the duplicate products to be joined, or you want to retain just those of the base product, then click "Merge" to merge.



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