STEP 1:   Select the product(s) you wish to list to your eBay store from the products page.


STEP 2: From the "Bulk Actions" drop down, select "Create listings"


STEP 3: Select the Shopify store you want to list to.


STEP 4: If the status of the product shows as "Not Compatible", it only means there are some Shopify specific information you need to provide. Click on the product or the edit icon (pencil) at the right side of it to provide the information.

Click "Next" to continue your listing process if the products you want to list are showing as "Compatible".


STEP 5: Publish your products by clicking the "Save and publish" button. Your products will be listed in the background to your Etsy store in just a matter of minutes.


NOTE: The listings will actually show on your store if their status show as "active" in SynCommerce. Check out for listing errors at the notification center (bell-like icon at the right top of the page) to correct all failed listings.

If a listing shows as failed, click to edit that listing to see details of the errors that made it fail so you can correct them and have them successfully published.

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