How quantity synchronization works in SynCommerce

Quantity synchronization is probably the most important of the synchronization that we provide, and it's best you understand it well. We are going to make use of a listing on Shopify and eBay that are linked in SynCommerce to a particular base product.

First of all, this is what shows that your listings on both stores are linked in SynCommerce. From the products page, you will see both listings on both stores belonging to the same product.

Let's take a look at how you can provide and update your listing quantity. This can be done in two ways:

  1. On the base product itself (from the products page)
  2. On a particular listing - either the Shopify or eBay listing - (from the listings page).

Updating Quantity on the Product

To update the quantity of the base product, go to the products page, and click on the name of the product you want to edit, or go to the far right of that product, click the "Action" button, and select "Edit". This will take you to that product's edit page, then scroll down to the variants section. Here, you can modify the quantities for the variants you have which will add up to the total quantity you have for that product.


If both the quantity for the Shopify and eBay listings are already the same at this point, then changing the quantity here will synchronize across both. For instance, if both had quantity 10, then changing the quantity to 15, will synchronize to make the Shopify listing quantity 10, and the eBay listing as well quantity 10. However, if say the quantity of the Shopify listing was 10, and the eBay listing was 5, then changing the product quantity from 10 to 15 will change the Shopify listing to 15, and the eBay listing to 10 (an increment of 5 across both stores). In that same scenario, reducing the product quantity from 10 to 4 will change the listing quantity on both stores to 4. 

Updating Quantity on a Particular Listing

This is the only way you can have the quantity on one store different from the other stores. You can achieve this from the listings page, then clicking on the name of the listing or the edit icon at the far right to edit it. Note that from a particular listing's page;

  1. You cannot increase the quantity to be more than the product quantity.
  2. Reducing the quantity will not affect the product quantity and the listings on the other stores (if you want the change in quantity to affect all listings, do it from the products page as explained above).
This means that a product with quantity 10, listed on both Shopify and eBay with quantity 10, I can go to my eBay listing's page and change the quantity to 5, and the product quantity will remain as 10 whilst the Shopify listing quantity as well remains as 10. This same logic applies if the change is made from your store itself. 
Order synchronization when an item is sold 
Now, let's take a look at how the order synchronization works. In a situation where an item is sold on one of your stores, the reduction in quantity is synchronized across the other stores that item is listed on. For instance, if you have an item listed on Shopify and eBay with both having quantity 10, and 2 is sold on eBay, the system will automatically go reduce the quantity on Shopify as well by 2, remaining 8, and the eBay quantity will also be 8. 
Say the product quantity on SynCommerce was 10, on eBay was 5, and that of Shopify 10 before the sale, the quantity on Shopify will be 8 (reduced by the 2 sold) and that of eBay will be 3 (also reduced by 2) after the synchronization, with it being 8 as well on SynCommerce. 
In a scenario where the product quantity in SynCommerce was 10, the Shopify quantity was 5, and the eBay quantity was 10 before the sale, the quantities will now be 8 in SynCommerce, 8 on eBay, and still 5 on Shopify after synchronization. 
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