Etsy listing errors - Oh dear you cannot sell this item on etsy

The principle of Etsy is based on the sale of handmade items, crafts, or vintage goods. As a result, Etsy puts a check in place to ensure the item you are listing is in line with this principle. 

This error occurs if based on the information you provided, Etsy detects your listing to not be handmade, vintage, or a craft item. 

What kind of information let Etsy throw this error?

  1. If you say your item is made by someone else but it's not a supply or craft tool. Etsy expects you to make your items yourself, except when it's a supply or craft tool.
  2. When you choose a supply or craft tool category for your item, and still indicate it as not a supply or craft tool. 
To correct this issue, ensure the information you provide for "Who made", "Etsy category", and "Item type" all match up.
Then save and publish your listing again to have it successfully listed.
Contact support at if the probem persists.