Ending listings on your store from SynCommerce

There are two main ways listings can be ended on your store. 

  1. First is if you have the "auto-end-listings" syncing option turned on and your inventory hits 0. This option tells SynCommerce to automatically end or hide your listing if it hits inventory 0 or is sold out.
  2. The second is by manually going to the listings page to end that listing. (Note SynCommerce never deletes your listings but ends or hides it).
To end a listing;

STEP 1: Go to the listings page and select the listings you want to end. 

STEP 2: Click the "Bulk action" at the top of the page and select "End listings".

STEP 3: Confirm ending of listings by clicking "OK" on the modal that pops up. Your selected listings will be ended in the background. Refresh your page shortly afterwards to see the state of the ending - whether it was successful (the status becomes "ended") or otherwise.

Contact support at customer-success@syncommerceapp.com for any help.