Creating and assigning a collection to a product

Collections can be added to a product or listing in SynCommerce. The process for adding the collection to a product is pretty the same as adding it to a particular listing in SynCommerce. 

When the collection is added to a product, it synchronizes with the listings linked to that product, and will be sent to an Etsy listing as a section, and to an eBay listing as a shop category.

To add a collection, follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Go to the products page and click on the product name to edit the product. 

STEP 2: Provide your new collection and hit the "Enter" key. If the collection provided already exists, it will assign it to the product. Else, it will create it and assign it to the product. 

STEP 3: Save the product to update it with the new collection added.

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