Creating a product on SynCommerce

Creating a product is also pretty simple on SynCommerce.

It can be done in two ways:

  1. By creating the product, saving it, and selecting it later to publish to any of the stores you have connected to your SynCommerce account.
  2. By creating the product, and publishing it to any or all of your connected stores right away and at the same time.

The following steps will take you through how both of them can be achieved.

STEP 1: Go to the products page and click on the "Add a product" button at the left hand side.


STEP 2: Provide the information on the product you want to create. Note that only the product title is a required field for creating a product. Nothwithstanding, all the other information are very important.


STEP 3: As part of providing information on the product, you can click to create variations if you have variations for the product. Note that there's a default field where you can provide the product quantity and price if there are no variations.


STEP 4: If you click to create variations, you can then go ahead to provide the variation options, and their values. Click the "Create variations" button once you are done, and the system will automatically generate the variations for you.


STEP 5: Easily add images to your product by dragging them into the section provided. You can as well click in that section to select the images you want to upload. You can then click on the "Save product" button to save it if you want to list it later (Don't use this option if you want to publish it right away).


STEP 6: Up to Step 5 should be enough if you want to just create the product and list it to your channels later. But you can continue with Step 6 if you want to list your product right away. In such a case, click the "Save and publish to" button instead of the "Save product" button.


STEP 7: Select the channels you want to list the product to. Note that you can select more than one channel at this stage. We are selecting eBay and Shopify in this case. 


STEP 8: Clicking "Next" will take you to a page to provide the information required for a successful listing on eBay (note this will be based on the channels you selected in the previous step). Make sure all the required fields are provided for, and your compatibility status is showing as "Compatible". 


STEP 9: Clicking "Next" again will take you to the page for you to make any necessary changes for listing to your other channel ( in this case Shopify). Click "Next" to continue once you are okay with the information.


STEP 10: Briefly take a look at the summary of the listings you are about to publish. You can also edit to make final changes before publishing them. Note that your listings should be showing as "Compatible" at this stage for it to have any chance of being successfully listed on your store. Click "Next" to continue. 


STEP 11: Click the "Save and publish" button for your listings to be published on the selected stores. You can also choose to save them as a draft and publish them later on.


Note that listings will actually show on your stores when the status show as "active" on SynCommerce. A listing with a "failed" status simply means some of the information provided were rejected by the channel in question. Go to that listing's edit page to see details of the error so you can correct.

Contact support at if you face any challenges.