Connecting your Amazon store to SynCommerce

The process to connect your Amazon store to SynCommerce is a bit technical, but if you follow the following process critically, you can easily get it done. 


Go to the channels page in your SynCommerce account. Under the "All Channels" section, click the "Connect" button by the Amazon logo to start the Amazon store connection process. This will give you a modal where you will be required to provide your Amazon Merchant ID (or Amazon Seller ID), and Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) Auth Token. 


To find your Amazon Merchant ID, and MWS Token, go to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) website, then click on the "Sign Up for MWS" button. If you already have an Amazon Seller account, you can just provide your log in credentials on the next page to continue. There will be an option to create a new account if you don't already have one. 


STEP 3: On the next page choose this option

  • I want to use an Application to access my Amazon Seller account with MWS. 
    • For the Application Name field, enter SynCommerce
    • Enter 7169-3916-8656 as the Application's Developer Account Number. 
Then click "Next" to continue. 
STEP 4: On the next page, click the check box to confirm granting SynCommerce access to your Amazon store, then click "Next" to continue. 
STEP 5: Once you confirm, you will be taken to the next page where you will have your Amazon Merchant ID, Amazon Marketplace ID, and MWS Auth Token. Take note of theses details (copy them somewhere if possible) and come back to your SynCommerce account. 

STEP 6: Come back to your SynCommerce account, then on the Amazon connection modal, provide the details requested for accordingly. Make sure the Amazon Marketplace ID you provide corresponds with the Amazon site you select. Click the Connect button once you have provided all the information


Your Amazon products, orders, customers, and other relevant data will be automatically imported into SynCommerce once the account has been successfully connected. 

Contact support at for any further assistance.