Can I Link or Merge Already Existing Listings from Different Channels?

Yes, SynCommerce makes this possible. 

Listings can be linked in SynCommerce in two ways.

  1. The first is if at least one of them is created from SynCommerce. The following scenarios will have your listings on different channels linked and will allow automated synchronization.
  • Where you have your products on store A, import them into SynCommerce, then list those products to store B.
  • Where you create a product right on SynCommerce and list it to store A and store B.

    2. The second where same products already exist on the connected stores before connecting to SynCommerce. Each of the listings on the different stores will be imported into SynCommerce as different products, and as such, will be seen as duplicates. SynCommerce allows you to easily merge these duplicates into a single base product which links to all the different listings and allow for automated synchronization.

Here's a tutorial on how to merge products.

Contact support at for any further help.