Can I give the same product different prices on different channels?

Yes, SynCommerce makes it possible for merchants to list to different channels the same product but at different prices.

This can be simply achieved by editing your listing (either an already existing listing or at the point of creating a new one) to provide a different price than what it is for the product. 

There are two ways by which a listing can be edited in SynCommerce

  1. By editing the product itself (from the products page)
  2. By editing the listing (this affects only the listing to the particular channel)

Items on the products page of your SynCommerce account serve as the base data for the listings that you have on the various channels. This means that if you make changes to the data from the products edit page, you are telling the system to update all the channels that that product has been listed on. 

But if you make changes to the particular listing from the listings page, you are telling the system to apply that change to just that listing on that particular channel. 

As a result to achieve having different prices for an item on different channels, you will have to change the price of that item for that particular's channel's listings (from the listings edit page). 

NOTE: Only quantity and price can be made different for different channels at the moment.